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Interact clubs are self-governing and financially independent, making it possible to choose and carryout service projects that YOU care about.

Interact clubs do community service projects each year, including one that furthers international understanding and goodwill while also volunteering their time and energy in their Local Community.

With more than 250,000 Interactors in over 120 countries and geographical areas, Interact is a worldwide phenomenon that is considered to be in the “Ivy League” of community service.

Any Student 7th grade-18 years old with a Santa Rosa address may be a member of this Interact Club.  Prospective members must become a member of Chops Teen Club ($1 fee) first, before being considered for membership of Interact. There are no fees to join Interact, only a small time commitment of meetings and service projects. All applicants must fill out a membership form and have a parent or guardian sign the release forms. You can start at anytime!

This Interact Club meets

on the 4th Thursday

of each month at

Santa Rosa Gymnastics

from 4:00-4:45.

Advisor: Darcie Fellows


Youth Service Chair

Rotary Club of Santa Rosa West

Join an Interact club and develop leadership skills while helping others.

Click HERE to download a printable version of the Interact & Chops Membership and Release Forms.About_Interact_files/interact%20membership%20forms%20web%20site.pdf
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Santa Rosa West Rotary Interact Club